We are really happy to offer a unique 4 days cave photography course in Cala Gonone from the 29th of May to the 1st of June. This event is organized in collaboration with Base1 Sardinia and Phreatic. The caves in Cala Gonone are the gems of Sardinia and one of the best dives spots in Europe. They offer various types of passages, nicely decorated, and therefore make the perfect place for developing your photography skills.

It will be possible to learn and improve fine and advanced photographic techniques for shooting in a complete dark environment, capturing the essence of the caves! Moreover the period between May and June usually offers the best conditions for diving. The first three days will be dedicated to cave diving photography and the last day to dry caving photography. The latter option won’t require any special dry caving skills.

Right now we have three photographers ready to share their experience, each of them with different specificities and skills as well as various styles: Stella Del Curto, Stefan Panis and Laurent Miroult. The diving will happen in the afternoon and the teaching, in a very convivial sphere, will be in the morning. Stella, Stefan and Laurent commit to accompany the students during their dives.

A set of 6 slave strobes with integrated optic sensors and three remote sensors will be available for the students as well as a backup Olympus camera with its housing, float arms and strobes. Each diver must be a full cave diver certified by a recognized agency.

The price for the course is 900 EUR per student, this includes the boat trips to the sea caves and gas fills. Equipment rental for diving will be a separate cost. A buddy model per student can be invited during the afternoon dives for a 120 EUR fee, boat and gas included and this per dive.

There will be a surprise at the end of the course. Also we can help you arrange overnight accommodations.
Please send your requests or questions to laurent@phreatic.org and… don’t wait too long as there is a maximum number of students.

Stella is an experienced and passionate diver since 2007 and it’s also active as CMAS instructor by teaching on various levels, from technical diving till beginners. She always loved taking pictures and merge photography with the underwater environment has been a natural evolution. She published pictures on many international magazines and she loves tells stories through her images, making visible to everyone the stunning creations that our Mother Nature has hidden underwater and sometime even underground. With this goal in mind she explore all the places below the surface: caves, sea, rivers, lakes… doesn’t matter where, if there is water, Stella there it is!

Stefan started diving at the age of 6 through his father. In 1992 he did his first “official” course. Since than he moved on doing courses like nitrox and trimix, and he started diving an Inspiration rebreather in 2009, and started photographing in 2013. Meanwhile he developed a great interest in wrecks and researching the history of the wrecks in the archives. He spent many dives on wrecks in the North sea (This year he was there when a virgin VOC ship from 1661 was found, and they are pushing to get a TV documentary done in 2022), the English channel, where he is part of the expedition-team which has located and identified many shipwrecks, and abroad in Sardinia, Portugal and Cuba just to name a few. He was involved in different successful expeditions searching for new wrecks, like the identification of the 1852 “Josephine Willis”. In 2014 he also obtained his full cave ccr certificate. Since then, Stefan has participated in many cave dives as in Sardinia, France and Spain, and he became a “specialist” in looking for new Belgian mine sites,
and he is photo-documenting them often with breathtaking pictures! He is the leader of the “Mine Exploration Team”, a dedicated team who does official mine research and documentation. In 2020, Stefan became member of The Explorers Club – New York. Meanwhile Stefan has written more than 50 articles for international magazines and has co-written 3 books.

Laurent Miroult is a Belgian radiologist living in Belgium and working in France. He has been diving since 1996 and is actively cave diving since 2014. Passionate for underwater photography he mostly focuses on pictures of underwater caves from all over the world. He has certifications from different agencies. You can visit his non commercial website which presents a huge number of his pictures: www.cavediving.pictures.